Ways to reduce air pollution

Have you noticed that almost everything we purchase is filled with hazardous chemicals? These chemicals end up filling our landfills with non degradable waste, which is quite dangerous to the environment.  Reducing air pollution is not easy, but it is the best chance we have at changing the state of the environment. Air is not just smog; it is linked to everything on the planet. From global warming to asthma, it controls the livelihood of most living things on the planet. Turning a blind eye to air pollution can lead to greater risks in the state of the planet for years to come.

The first step to reducing air pollution in the environment is to understand where it really comes from.  The major causes of air pollution in most parts of the world include, lead sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and ground level ozone. While you might think that carbon monoxide is the biggest air pollutant I the world, it is not. The ground level ozone is considered the most dangerous form of air pollution in most parts of the world. It occurs when nitrogen oxides are mixed with other organic compounds, reducing the ability of the ozone layer to regulate the earth from sun’s rays.

Respiratory diseases like bronchitis and asthma are related to the effects of the ground –level ozone. The chemical reactions occur in areas with car exhaust fumes, large chemical storage bases and gasoline vapour presence. The next step to reducing air pollution is minimising the use of automobiles. They are the number one factor in the contribution to air pollution. Gasoline, which is used by automobiles, requires coal and oil burning which increase the level of sulphur dioxides in the ozone layers. Even though it is not possible to get rid of all automobile from the roads,, there is a hope for a future with electronic vehicles. This will reduce the pollution by a high percentage.

Electricity seems like a harmless way to power your home, but the truth is; It produces a lot of volatile compounds. The compounds produces by electrical firms and utility plants create a lot of air pollution. Nitrogen oxide is one of the biggest harmful compounds produced in electrical plants. When combined with lead, it creates a very harmful by product. Did you know that electrical plants produce more sulphur oxide than petroleum factories? Solar panels can generate a lot of electricity. They are unique in installation and design.  The modern type of solar panels have been made easier to facilitate the installation process.

The more obvious way to reduce air pollution is by planting more trees. Many trees and simple plants can remove carbon monoxide from the air, instantly purifying it. The plants basically operate like a human liver; they filter out the harsh chemicals, absorb dangerous compounds/ toxins through the leaves and the stems. They filter the air, leaving it fresh and breathable. In the long run, they eliminate respiratory problems like colds. Some of the helpful varieties of plants you can grow around your home include bamboo, Dracaenas trees, and daisies.

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