Air pollution in this world is just like an incurable disease. However, can we prevent it? Can we save our life from this pollution? Lots of questions arise around the topic of pollution. Environmental aware is the best weapon to solve this problem. At Time To Breathe, we have learned this fact, and our platform helps you to gain more knowledge on air pollution.

What encouraged us to create this platform

Time To Breathe is the most informative platform, where you can find the secrets of breathing fresh air. We know everyone’s concern on pollution. When we write every blog on pollution, we ensure that it would give you high value.

We have felt the importance of pollution-free air. We believe that without good knowledge on air pollution and its effect, no one can take a step. From detailed study and research, we have found air pollution has taken away the lives the millions of people in this world. That is why we have taken an initiative to educate everyone on the risks of air pollution. We think that a control over our everyday activities would reduce the level of air pollution. 

Our focus

Green technology, Green living and Green energy- We like to spread the importance of Green with our regular blogs. Our blogs can teach you on the way to create greener place. We also inform you of eco-friendly objects, available for you. We have a dream of creating a community, where everyone has a goal of fighting against pollution.


To make our society and our world always well informed


  • To turn our blog platform into the most valuable source of information on pollution
  • To save the world and its environment with a new approach

Thus, be in touch with our team and learn more about air pollution.